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Getting a job is not easy, irrespective of whether the economy is doing well or not. Employers look to hire the best , both from the standpoint of aptitude as well as attitude. It is important that one breaks up the process of getting a job into two parts - have a winning resume that maximizes the chance of getting shortlisted for an interview and doing well in the interview.

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The importance of being prepared

Some interviewers might be looking for functional skills while others might be looking for cultural fit, leadership skills or communication ability depending on the position for which the person is being interviewed. One’s ability to network helps in knowing the positions that are open or even better put the candidate in touch with the right people. A great résumé gets one to the interview but only a great interview secures the candidate with the job. Preparing oneself for the interview is therefore extremely important .Preparation involves understanding the prospective organization better, understanding the position and more importantly articulating well (without anyone in the interview panel even feeling faintly that you are obsessed about yourself) the fact that you are about the best person for that position in the globe.

The importance of being prepared


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