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Choose from a range of user-friendly templates, thoughtfully designed.



Infuse your cover letter with a personal touch. Make it distinctly yours.


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Download it in your preferred format—be it PDF or Word document.

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Utilize the Careercubicle cover letter creator to transform the typically lengthy, vexing, and intricate cover letter writing process into a streamlined experience. Generate a compelling cover letter in mere minutes and pave the way to securing your ideal job!

What Can You Expect?

Explore the offerings of our cover letter creator:

Template Selection:

Choose from a broad range of cover letter templates suitable for various job types. Select a layout from our extensive selection, free for customization to suit your preferences.

Personalized Suggestions:

Experience true personalization with our cover letter creator. Add in specifics about your work history and style, ensuring that our AI generates content that reflects your individuality.

Get content based on the job description:

Maintain consistency in your job application by using our integrated resume builder. Craft both your resume and cover letter seamlessly in one place, presenting a unified and professional image to potential employers.

Co-create with AI:

Overcome writer's block with our AI feature. Our AI generates content drop pre-written paragraphs into your cover letter, making the process effortless. You can also regenerate content with a single button.

Versatile File Formats:

Our cover letter generator offers versatile templates for diverse job types, allowing seamless customization to suit your style. Easily switch between layouts tailored to specific industries and content lengths.

Integrate with your resume:

Already have a resume prepared? Leverage our integrate resume feature by uploading it to the builder or use resume you already saved in our builder. We'll extract the necessary information to generate a cover letter that's ready to be sent, saving you valuable time.


Unlock the power of the Careercubicle cover letter creator

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