Executive Résumés

Anyone aspiring for an executive position can never take a chance. Leadership positions demand extraordinary passion, dedication, strategic thinking and flawless execution. Your résumé has to articulate this and if it does not - you have lost the opportunity to make it big.

Recruiters, headhunters and recruiting managers should have the confidence that you are the right person for the job by simply looking at your résumé. We have helped several top notch professionals effectively showcase the value they bring. The investment in getting a well crafted résumé is worth it. The return on investment is very high - the "upside" is huge while the "downside" is simply negligible.

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Sample Executive Résumé

IT Résumés

Here are some useful guidelines while preparing a résumé targeting the IT Sector. 50% of our customers are form the IT sector and many of them refer us to their colleagues. The sheer variety of jobs, expanse of skills and ever changing technology landscape make the preparation of an IT résumé challenging.

Skills and Competencies:

  • These are extremely important for any job and more so for jobs targeting the IT sector. You need to be able to showcase your technical skills in a clear and concise fashion. Have a separate section to highlight your skills relating to Programming languages, Operating System and Database among others.
  • Providing extensive details on projects can make your résumé look bulky. At the same time developers and designers might end up losing by not showcasing the projects they have worked on.
  • Domain experience is specially valued in an IT résumé. Recruiters can often get very picky. Tweak your résumé while targeting specific positions.

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Career Change

It is not easy for someone to come out of his or her comfort zone and look for a job which may not necessarily draw on the past experience. It is very difficult to explain why after several years in manufacturing, some one chooses to do an MBA and decides to look for a job in sales.

Sometimes it is by choice and sometimes by design. Nevertheless in all such cases one does need to have an effective résumé. When hunting for a job, your résumé has to convey it all - why you are qualified and probably the best person for that job. Does your current résumé convey this well?. If you were the recruiter - would you proceed further?

Our experienced team of résumé writers have helped hundreds of such individuals transition to a new industry, new functional area, simply move from the Government to a private sector job or move from the military to a corporate career.

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Sales & Marketing

Results in almost all Sales and Marketing jobs are measurable. These jobs cut across industry and domains, products and services, and encompass a myriad of titles and designations like Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Key Account Manager, Regional Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Market Research Analyst, Account Director and many more among others. Results matter.

Are your underlying strengths in generating new leads and business showcased appropriately? Your ability to negotiate? Your skill at building relationships? The list is endless. We can help you build a résumé that encompasses everything that a recruiter can potentially look for.

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Domain / Functional Résumés

Our Experts with deep knowledge of respective domains help craft a résumé that recruiters can easily relate to. Some of the industries and domains where specialize include


  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Education
  • NGO's
  • International Developement Organizations

Functional Areas

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality
  • Human Resources
  • Training
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Legal
  • Production

Sample Other Résumé

"You’re professional. Thank you so much, and frankly you’are the best"
Mohammed - Middle East

"The result is excellent, I will advise one of my colleague to contact you for his resume"
Philippe - Middle East

"I appreciate your effort from the bottom of my heart. I got satisfaction from your work."
Yashimoto - Japan

"Thank you very much. It's awesome."
Ravishankar - India

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